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IcePets.com: Novitaria Is Here!

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The Jakrits have finished painting and stuffing the prizes into their carefully-crafted eggs, and the Makoats have begun skillfully hiding them all throughout Terrafrost. It's official: Novitaria is here! To those who aren't familiar, Novitaria is a yearly celebration of life, from the smallest of Companions to the biggest of Novyns. With this celebration comes the annual Jakrit Hunt!

Colourful Noviteggs, which are filled with a variety of fun prizes, can be found all throughout the site. This includes three new Noviteggs which have been released: the Fairy, Dreamworld, and Woodland Noviteggs! As always, all three of these items can be frozen in the Ice Box and stashed in your Ice Cube collections.

Fairy Novitegg Dreamworld Novitegg Woodland Novitegg

There are two ways to obtain Noviteggs. First, you can find the Five Random Jakrit Eggs image hidden on any page of the IcePets website, and when you click on it, a Jakrit will gift one Novitegg to you. You can collect 50 of these a day! Alternatively, you can discover stockpiles on specific pages. Click on the stockpile, and a Novitegg will be gifted to you by a Makoat. The locations of stockpiles will change every ten minutes. We encourage you to share the stockpile locations with other members of the community!

At the end of Novitaria, trophies will be gifted to the users who collected an outstanding number of Noviteggs from Jakrits and Makoats. The celebration ends on April 19th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so get hunting!

I.C.E Novitegg

All of the Noviteggs have been updated to the new use feature, similar to Ice Cubes, with the exception of the I.C.E Novitegg. Rather than delay the event, we are asking you to please do not open the I.C.E Novitegg until we post in the Change Log that it has been updated. Using this Novitegg will result in the User not receiving a prize.

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