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CelestialEquine: July Updates


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July Updates

Happy first of July! We are thrilled to tease our amazing July new releases along with further details around our new Alliance feature!

Alliance Development
After gathering roughly 10 days of feedback, we have continued to modify our Alliances. Our main point of feedback is the compatibility of genes within each alliance. With that being said, it is clear we need 1-3 additional alliances to further break up the feature. We will be working on additional royal characters or some sort of story line to create these new landmarks along with its NPC. It is very important to ensure the CE story is preserved for players wishing to follow the lore! Here is our new prospective split for alliance worlds:

Paravale - Kingdom, Tundra, Angelic,
Claleoroe - Volcano, Dragon, Shadow
Iazinata - Mythical, Rainbow, Ruins,
Rujarim - War, Prehistoric, Desert
Unnamed Alliance #1 - Space, Love,
Unnamed Alliance #2 - Water, Tropical
Unnamed Alliance #3 - Plains, Forest

We have many built in places for these new areas on our map so we will certainly take advantage of that! By further splitting the worlds, genes have a higher chance of compatibility and player satisfaction.

In addition to modifying the splits, we have now revised how new genes are released! As always, we will continue to release Cash Shop only items on a monthly basis. Starting this month, we will begin releasing Alliance exclusive genes! These genes will not be available in the magic shop and will also follow the CS rules for recolors (not permitted). We will offer spotlight packages for alliance genes for those interested in collecting, otherwise these genes will only be available within their alliance. The goal with alliance genes is to offer “exclusive” genes that must by played for outside of their release month. Alliance genes will be available 1 month per year to provide chances for fixing mismatched genes. Lastly, we will continue our monthly Magic Shop releases! These genes will not be associated to any specific gene now that we have completed two years of bulking up CE original breeds. We are now changing our focus to fun monthly releases into shops + alliances.

Please continue to provide feedback so we can make this feature the best it can be!

Development Updates
Now that we have nearly wrapped up Alliances, it is time for a new round of development clean up! I will be selecting the top 5 most requested suggestions by this coming Friday. It is imperative to post these suggestions in the forums! If you stumble upon a suggestion you also agree with, please be sure to respond. This is how we cherry pick updates.

Feel free to respond to this post with your top 3 dev updates! I will also be looking here before making the final selections.

Release Previews

Gene Releases

Cash Shop

The Cash Shop is receiving this fun mane/tail set and matching wings! Spotlight packages will be available upon the completion of uploading.



Rujarim is receiving the beautiful Dheny set of genes! This set includes various natural body colors and a matching sleek mane/tail set. These natural colors will be a fun addition to this more natural alliance.


Claleoroe is receiving a new fiery mane/tail set and matching wings! Please note the pictured horns and deco will be circulating in the Magic Shop as our July release.


All genes will be available in spotlight packages once we complete their release!

Thank you for reading our July update! Happy gaming!

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