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New Layout is Live!

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Faenaria's new layout is officially live!! *celebrates by doing the peanut-butter-jelly dance like a complete weirdo* I have to give a HUGE thank you to weezee for the literal months of work that she poured into making the site look absolutely stunning! Well done, weezee! You definitely earned a 5 minute good, long break!

We have made so many little changes in addition to a few major ones. I will do my best to list as many of them as possible, but first, a couple of notes!

  1. We are still updating the wardrobe and FA shops. This had to be done on the live site and so this is fair warning that these systems will be fluctuating as weezee gets to work bringing them in line with the rest of the site.
  2. Your snuggery may look a little off - pets missing, alignment janky - when you first load into it. The system just needs a little nudge in syncing up. So if this is the case, please click "Edit Snuggery" at the bottom of the page, then you can save your snuggery name again (it can remain the same!) and that will force it to re-sync. If you've done this and still are having issues, please post in the Bug Report thread.

Changes of Note

  • We've updated the site's buttons to be mostly icons, with a few exceptions for things like "send" and "preview".
  • The back to top button now displays as an up arrow as soon as you start scrolling.
  • The purple menu bar scrolls down with the page now.
  • There is now a dark mode, in addition to the light mode. You can switch between them on your Account Settings page.
  • Forums have been updated into dual columns to allow for less scrolling. They also have new icon indicators!
  • All forum settings have been moved to tabs at the top of the forum index page. Use these to see recent posts (new!), manage subscriptions, update your signature, etc.
  • Each forum post now has a beautiful header image and a faded image behind their avatar. In a future update, we will make it possible for users to select new header/bg sets to further customize their posts.
  • Profile pages have had a little make over that condensed the info in a more attractive manner. We also added an "About Me" that will allow users to post a bit about themselves, share links, images, etc. as they see fit!
  • Likewise, Pet pages have also been made over! They now have a nifty sidebar where all their info, mates, and offspring will be displayed.
  • Many pages with lengthy information have been updated with collapsible headers - this allowed us to condense information, while still having it easily available.
  • The compendium page will now show icons instead of text for all available entries. Once you have one unlocked, it'll show a colored preview of the associated artwork!

There are a lot more little things here and there, but those are the highlights, I would say! Well, what do you think? What's your favorite new feature or aspect of the new layout?

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