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Any other sites I can promote my game on apart from this?

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On 11/12/2021 at 5:25 AM, oakhearted said:

Flight Rising actually told me that; no you can't promote/advertise off-site games.

Ah, sorry to hear that. The Dragon Cave Forum has a place to post about other adoptable sites. I don't really follow any other forums as I use C.S. and this site for all of my up and coming game news.


*Edit: There's also a subreddit! r/virtualpetgaiming I don't follow that community as it didn't seem very active but you might find some success there. r/neopets and other subreddits for other games often have users ask for suggestions for petsites. I wouldn't just advertise on there, but it might be useful to check in now and again to see if someone has specifically asked for suggestions.

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