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IcePets.com: Team Contest Coming Soon!


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Team Blue Audril Foam Finger Team Green Trido Foam Finger Team Red Dovu Foam Finger Team Yellow Sharshel Foam Finger

It's that time of year again! Signups for the Team Contests will be starting up soon, so get ready for two whole weeks of competitive fun! If you're new to this event, you're in for a great experience. Keep a close eye on the News for more info in the near future!

Team Blue Audril Figurine Team Green Trido Figurine Team Red Dovu Figurine Team Yellow Sharshel Figurine

For those who've been involved in the Team Contest before, you know how this works, but here is a refresher just in case!

Restocking for the Team Contest will include every shop except for the Golden Touch and Snow Jar Igloo. Users will be rewarded points based on the rarity of the items they purchased!

Here is the number of points you'll earn for items of a given rarity:

R1 = 1 point
R2 = 2 points
R3 = 3 points
R4 = 4 points
R5 = 5 points

Quest Extender

Questing for the Team Contest will remain unchanged; as usual, all Users will receive 10 points for every Quest they finish, and all Quests will raise their daily limits to 20 quests per day. And as usual, you'll also be able to use Quest Extenders throughout the event!

Bird Watcher Ducky Cheese And Mustard Hotdog Blue Bouncy Ball

Ready for some intergalactic Questing? From today until June 5th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the Space Quest will be offering twice as many questing opportunities and prizes! Stock up on some food from the Glacial Grocer and pick up some toys from the Toy Trunk while the opportunity lasts.

Sizzle StampSummer Traptur PlushWabby Profile Skin

The seasons are changing, and with them, the Token Booth stock has swapped over! Welcome the brand new Sizzle Stamp, Summer Traptur Plush, and Wabby Profile Skin, which can all be purchased with tokens.

Summer Goodie Bag

By the way, we've packed away the Spring Goodie Bag for the rest of the season! If you missed out on any of the older Summer Token Booth Items last year, you can try to find one in the Summer Goodie Bag.

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