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Lythbound: Gifting Gacha, Companion interaction, and Random Lythian Updates


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Gifting Gacha

  • The Gifting Gacha has received a major upgrade! Some players may have noticed a brief maintenance period for the Gifting Gacha, due to some new systems being implemented. Now, in true Gacha fashion, rarer items have a lower chance to drop than uncommon or common items. If you're lucky, you may even get an all-new and mysterious epic item… To account for this new rarity system, Gacha rolls are now 15 Gift Tokens instead of 30!

  • Additionally, a new 10x Roll option has been added, allowing you to quickly toss 150 tokens into the gacha at once!

  • This new rarity system will also affect the items from Ingredient Loot Boxes, as well (rare items can drop, but will be rare!).


Companion Interactions

  • Interacting with another player's companion now has a low chance of dropping a Gift Token! Previously, only your own faithful companions would bring you items for interacting with them. This new update now gives other players' companions a chance of dropping one gift token as thanks for playing with them!

Random Lythian

  • The Random Lythian page now displays a separate section for Lythians allowing gift writing! We hope this will help our local Lythian authors find suitable subjects for their written works!

Fluff delivers a bizarre transmission...


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