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Needing quotes on Dragon Wardrobe & Human Avatar system

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Hi all! I'm looking to add some features to Leviathan Myth.

First off the more important of the two, a dragon appearance wardrobe. Something like you would see on Lioden/Wolvden 



LM current has 12 dragon breeds, a slow addition of age stages, 64ish colors for both markings + bases and counting, 17 markings, 8 eye colors, 2 piebald mutations, albinism, 2 variations of socks for each limb, and the coding for face masks (Not yet applied in art). The numbers on these are always changing as we adapt to more colors and markings, so it would need to be very flexible with adding onto it. 

We already have dragon images generating to specific genetics on their pages, but the purpose of the wardrobe is to see new color combos without having to breed them first and to see what markings and colors might look like on other breeds. We also have plans for decor/apparel and backgrounds, sometime in the future. 

LM is coded in PHP.

We don't have an urgent schedule so we are very flexible with a timeframe. But any quotes would be appreciated and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to me here on TGL or on Discord @ Azrael#8121.


Second feature which is also not an urgent task, would be human avatars. I'm not going to show a specific example as you can find variations of HAs on several sites, but one I'm most thinking of would be Dappervolk. We'll have feminine, masculine, and neutral bases, several skin tones and facial features, and an endless selection of clothing. (Which will be inventoriable items) A clothing trial section before confirming your looks will be preferred, but not absolutely necessary.

Again if you or someone you know might be up to the task, feel free reaching out to me!


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