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IcePets.com: A Truly Mythical Surprise!

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For centuries, the Zabeu has been a mysterious and elusive Pet to Terrafrostians all around. Now, they've become even more magical -- or perhaps Mythical would be a more accurate term, for the Mythical Zabeu has arrived! An affectionate yet timid creature, the Mythical Zabeu is certain to trot right into your heart. With its opalescent horn and silky flowing mane, it's truly a sight to behold!

Mythical Snow Jar

If you'd like the Mythical Zabeu as your own, you'll want to get yourself a Mythical Snow Jar. These can be obtained at the ICE Shop year-round for 500 IC (450 for Gold Users), so there’s no rush -- but why would you ever want to wait?

Heart Of Sweetness Heart Of Satisfaction Heart Of Joy

Starting today, a new game of Heart Breaker will be starting every fifteen minutes rather than the usual thirty. That's twice as many chances to get your hands on some fun Amourok-themed prizes! The event will be ending on February 24th, 23:59:59: IcePets Time, so you'll definitely want to click those hearts while you still can.

Also, the Book Quest will be doubling its rewards and quest limits until February 21st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. Take this chance to help stock up some books, and you might even get some Empty Heart Fragments as a reward!

Empty Heart Fragment 1Empty Heart Fragment 3Empty Heart Fragment 4

Speaking of Empty Heart Fragments, shop keepers are now restocking these and Full Hearts at a lower rarity. This means they will be seen more frequently! Stop by the bank and grab some extra spending money and hit the shops today!

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