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TGL Revival!

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We are kicking off the new year with a highly targeted ad campaign to revive TGL by acquiring new customers and sellers within the gaming community. This campaign is vital to ensure browser game owners and freelancers alike have access to an active community within a very niche category. 

We have selected FurAffinity as our primary advertising outlet with the intention to run an Adwords campaign at the conclusion of the FA ads depending on performance. To make this happen, we are asking game owners, artists, developers, and loyal pet game players to support this endeavour by donating to our fundraiser via PayPal. 

Help us reach our goal of $450!

How the $450 will be spent

We will be purchasing a 6-month package which includes 3 ad sizes (300x90, 300x200, and 728x90). FA serves ads to 1.1 billion customers each month, so we expect quite a few new faces to pop up once the ads are activated. 

Any additional funds will be put towards the forum licensing, and an Google Adwords campaign at the conclusion of the FA ad run. 

Thank you all for your continued support and dedication to the gaming community!

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I can’t wait to contribute to this! It’s so nice to see TGL getting some exposure. I know without these forums I would not have found freelancers to make my game possible. 


Celestial Equine will be running its own fundraiser to donate to this cause - woohoo! I will post pictures of our fundrainer companions soon. 


EDIT - our fundraiser is live!



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