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IcePets.com: Welcome Back, IcePets!


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Learning Code MonkeyDedicated Code MonkeyDiligent Code Monkey

We appreciate all the support while IcePets was down. For those unaware, our host was doing a server migration when data corruption occured. With their dedicated work we were finally able to get everything fixed and back online this afternoon with minor losses. The site has been rolled back to our latest backup prior to the issue which is March 29th, noon, IcePets time. This means any purchases or site activity completed after this time will need to be done again if you wish.

Account Upgrade 1 MonthsAccount Upgrade 1 MonthsAccount Upgrade 1 Months

To compensate Users we are awarding one month of free Gold Account time which will activate upon clicking this link. We are also extending the Items which were due to leave the I.C.E Shop at the end of March. They will be available for an additional two weeks, leaving on April 18th at 23:59:59 IcePets Time. The link to claim the Gold Account will also expire at this time.

Out of Time Ice Cube

When it comes to the daily bonus, any Users who completed the login any days between the 25th to 29th will have their streak preserved. They will not be asked to complete a login streak today and numbers were not pushed forward. This is to avoid disrupting streaks for Users who may not be able to login today due to their usual availability having been during the downtime.

Staff StaffGuide to Staff PositionsStaff Ice Cube

Due to the downtime we missed out on being able to prank our community on April 1st, but we will be sure to get you all next year! We also did not have the automated news to distribute trophies or announce the raffle winner. Our usual first of the month News will be posted tomorrow, along with all the releases it would bring. You will still receive April's Staff of The Month Item today however, if you visit the Staff Page! Consider it a freebie sneak peek.

If you have any questions or concerns which pertain to your personal account please create a Support Ticket so staff will be able to help.

TeamworkRefer a Friend

If you do not follow our Facebook Page or aren't a member of our Discord we highly recommend checking one or both out. These are our primary methods for alerting everyone to problems when the website is down. We'd also like to note that there is still a chance there may be random downtime after today as the host continues to stabilize things.

Sally Searcher

The unplanned maintenance did not keep our spirit down, however - we've decided to release the addition of an updated Shop Search feature! You can now set a minimum and maximum price for your searches, as well as choose a random Item from a category or from any available Item for sale on site! We hope this updated feature will enhance your experience here at IcePets. Sally has been excited at the idea of sharing this change with you all.

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