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I am looking to potentially find a replacement logo. The original logo for the site was made myself, but I am looking to see what you lovely artists can do. In order to make this worth while, I am willing to pay $15, however I want this to be more of a competition (of sorts). I would like to see Artists what they feel a good logo for us would be. The one that I choose, with input from other staff will become the new logo, and the monetary reward to go with it.

The requirements are rather simple, it can be open ended, and you as an artist can make any decision on font style or style. The theme is world building. TGL's focus is game development, our primary focus isn't just on pet-sites or sims, but on a wider range of world building in games. I want to get our branding up to speed to kinda show this off.

 I am leaving this open for a few weeks to see what happens :)

Show me what you envision TGL as!

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Okay! I'm not great with graphic/logo design, but here's mine. It's supposed to be "TGL" combined into one symbol that resembles a power button. 

In galaxy or tech variation. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.13.00 AM.png

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Is this still going to be open after June 1st? I finish my finals then and can have more time to mockup some stuff as an entry.

Regardless, if wanted I'd be willing to make the winner's design into a vector on Adobe Illustrator for TGL for free, depending on how crazy it gets :P Here's some of what I can do, as an example http://fav.me/dawie94 

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