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Wajas: New Feature: DNA Emporium & Mystery DNA


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"Oh what's this? A customer looking to make an honest purchase? Why yes, I am happy to sell you some of my finest goods, if only you have the CWP to spare." Introducing Gladion . A young lad who everyone is curious about but no one actually seems to know. His friend circle is few, and those that genuinely know him are even fewer. However, after spending a good amount of time lurking around, garnering people's interest, he has finally taken up shop - if you can call opening his hoodie whenever someone passes by, showing a plethora of oddly shaped helixes a shop. His shop, while a bit...shady at best, is said to be the hottest way to get DNA's, many claim it operates much the same as the Dye Emporium. Each week, Gladion offers a DNA or two for purchase, and then the following week he gets stock of two other DNA's. He doesn't take returns though, so make sure what you buy is truly what you want! It's not his fault if the DNA doesn't work the way you thou

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