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IcePets.com: Amourok Begins


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It seems like things are heating up this Amourok season... but also freezing up?

After the Ice Pets made their debut, they've gained quite a bit of attention over the past few months. While the Ice Pets have reveled in this newfound fame, it's also caused a little tension with the Fire Pets.

Fire Trido

"Ever since the Snowslide Expedition, everyone has been praising those goofy Ice Pets nonstop!" Helia, a Fire Trido, scoffs with displeasure. "In my opinion, it's starting to get to their heads. Holding up in the cold may be an impressive feat, sure. But anyone can bundle up and face a snowstorm! Swimming through a volcano, though? Now that's impressive!"

Ice Ori

"Well," Cypress, an Ice Ori, pipes in, "I believe that after spending so many years isolated from the rest of Terrafrost, a little bit of appreciation is due! Besides, this is a planet with a notably cold climate -- don't you think that enduring frigid temperatures is far more valuable than showing off?"

The tension has only grown stronger as Amourok approaches; it looks like we're in for another battle of the colours.

So, will you join Helia in her fight for the Fire Pets? Or will you side with Cypress as she defends her fellow Ice Pets? To take part in this competition, head over to the Amourok sign up page, and your fate will be decided!

Full Blazing Heart Full Frosty Heart

Once you've been assigned a team, you can begin collecting Empty Heart Fragments. These can be found around the site in NPC shops (aside from Snow Jar Igloo or Golden Touch), or alternatively, as rewards for playing Heart Breaker and completing quests. Once you collect four different fragments, your team leader can turn them into a Full Blazing Heart or a Full Frosty Heart. If you're lucky, you may even come across some already-assembled Full Hearts while hunting for fragments, too!

Each completed heart you bring gives your team a boost towards victory. So if you're eager to find out which Pet is truly superior, it's time to get hunting for hearts -- Helia and Cypress are counting on their fellow Terrafrostians!

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