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IcePets.com: Weather Cannot Stop a Rave


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Rave MakoatRave Makoat Morphing Potion

We hope you stocked up on soda, because a new Pet has joined the rave! Say hello to the Rave Makoat, funded by @Madgoat. With their energetic and fun-loving personalities, these Makoats can party all night long.

http://www.icepets.com/images/Pets/Ori/Ori_Rave.png Rave Ori Morphing Potion

The rhythm of the music was too much for this Rave Ori to resist. Getting into their grove, they are taking over the dance floor in style.

If you'd like to add the Rave Makoat and Rave Ori to your guest list, you'll need to use their respective Morphing Potion on one of your Pets. Like all other Rave merchandise, you can find the Rave Makoat Morphing Potion and Rave Ori Morphing Potion at the Raffle Store! Or if you haven't stocked up on raffle tickets, you can also find both of these Items the I.C.E Shop until February 28th 23:59:59 IcePets Time. They will be 500 IC (450 for Gold Accounts). Time to turn up the music!

Ancient Microbe Plush Angelic Microbe Plush
Love Microbe Plush Fire Microbe Plush Space Microbe Plush

If you enjoy our line of Microbe Plushes, you're in for a treat! The Ancient, Angelic, Love, Fire, and Space Microbe Plushes are now available at the Plushie Palace. These itty-bitty collectibles, all funded by @Mongolou, are simply adorable. Consider picking one up for your pet as an early Amourok gift! You may also receive these Items as a reward from the Book Quest, and in a week, they'll be requested by the Plushie Quest!

Sun Plush Melting Ice Cube Sunbathing Snow Sprite Plush

Over the past week or so, residents of the Snowslide Mountains and Glacia have experienced some jarring weather changes. Snow has been melting into piles of slush, and the once-thick layers of ice that covered the rivers have begun to thin. For the first time in centuries, Pets are considering packing away their snow boots and winter coats.

Snowflake Plush Blizzard Ice Cube Plaid Scarf

Things haven't been any more normal near the Terrafrostian equator, either. Many residents of the Halipar Jungles have remarked that the air has been quite drafty as of late... It might be time to invest in some wool sweaters and knit some scarves.

For all we know, though, it could just be a fluke. It's probably nothing to worry about -- especially not with Amourok just around the corner!

Heart Plush

Whether you decorate, stock up on sweet treats, or hand-make gifts for your loved ones, it's time to get in the Amourok spirit. No matter what the weather is like, we're in for a fun-filled holiday! Stay tuned for more Amourok news in the near future.

Book of Nature Book of Beauty All About Eggs

Amourok may be close, but this upcoming questing weekend is even closer! From February 4th until February 6th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the questing opportunities and prizes for the Book Quest will be doubled! Be sure to stock up on plenty of literature next time you're out shopping.

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