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IcePets.com: Some Adorable New Friends Join Terrafrost!


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Fairy Novyn

Does anyone else hear buzzing? Don't worry -- it's just the wings of the beautiful Fairy Novyn, funded by @bibliopossum. Those looking for a new addition to the family are in luck, because this wonderful Pet is here to stay. These Novyns have a reputation for their kind and adventurous personalities. They also enjoy soaring through the skies of Terrafrost, so hold on tight!

Fairy Novyn Morphing Potion

Do you want one of these amazing Novyns for yourself? You'll want to hunt down a Fairy Novyn Morphing Potion. These can be purchased at the Snow Jar Igloo. Alternatively, you can find them at the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month for just 500 IC (450 for Gold Users.)

Groovy Dabu

Observant Terrafrostians may have noticed a slight change in their 60s Dabu's appearance. Your eyes are not deceiving you -- we've simply given this Pet a fresh new look to kick off the new year! We've even changed up the name of the whole colour, so all of your 60s Pets and Items are now known as Groovy from this day forward!

Groovy Dabu Morphing Potion Groovy Snow Jar

If you're fond of the new Groovy Dabu, consider stopping by the Snow Jar Igloo and picking up its respective morphing potion. Alternatively, you can buy a Groovy Snow Jar (formerly 60s Snow Jar) and use it on one of your Dabus! The Groovy Dabu Morphing Potion will also be available in the I.C.E Shop for 500 IC (450 for Gold Users) until the end of the month.

If you're having trouble viewing the new changes, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac.
A complete list of all Item name changes can be found in the IcePets Change Log.


Those new Pets aren't the only adorable new friends you're getting today. We'd also like to introduce the Guicean, funded by @Nexinhah! This adorable little Companion will be eager to join you on all of your mountain hiking journeys. Like all other Companions, you can find the Guicean at Jacobi's Companion Reserve.

Rainbow Cobron Plush

If cuddly, collectible friends are what you seek, you won't want to miss out on the Rainbow Cobron Plush. Funded by @Travis, this beautiful toy will surely add a splash of colour to any Plushie Collection! Unlike most Plushies, however, this one is not part of any Quests and cannot be purchased in NPC Shops. Instead, you can earn this Plushie when you complete the Rainbow Cobron Jigsaw Puzzle!

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