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New Years HatNew Years NecklaceFireworks Earrings
Firework DuckyNew Years Eve Rocket Stamp

It seems some Items from previous Ansvin events have made their way into local shops! The New Years Hat, New Years Necklace, Fireworks Earrings, Firework Ducky, and New Years Eve Rocket Stamp can all be found in their respective NPC stores. They will also be rewarded as prizes from quests!

Baby Trido Pinata 2022Cottoncandy Ori Pinata 2022Crystal Cobron Pinata 2022
Ice Audril Pinata 2022Love Traptur Pinata 2022

One of the key components to celebrating Ansvin is smashing pinatas! The new 2022 Pet Pinatas are now restocking in all NPC shops (except for the Snow Jar Igloo and Golden Touch). Be on the lookout for the Baby Trido, Cottoncandy Ori, Crystal Cobron, Ice Audril, and Love Traptur Pinata 2022 Items. Crack them open to relieve some stress and tension, and walk away with a fun prize! Like the returning Items, these can also be found in Quest Rewards as well.

All of the Pinatas and returning Ansvin Items will no longer be available after January 23rd, 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) so be sure to get all the fun in awhile you can!


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