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How do you see the work force changing?

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I know that this is a little less relevant to game sites, because of most of us source freelancers from all around the world, but how do you think the pandemic will change the workforce as a whole?

I've been working remotely since March 13th with my meetup also going remote around mid-May.  I have always enjoyed working from home, so that transition for me wasn't really a hard one.  The biggest issue was getting my team to collaborate on new development which was a challenge given the limits of video conferencing.

I have had several recruiters contact me over the last few months saying that "I'm the perfect fit for the role" (for both new and older companies), and say it's for an office once the pandemic is over.

For me, I feel like I never want to step into an office again for work. 

I know that a few companies have decided they will change their policy to working in the office is optional.  Do you think this will be a mainstream change overall?

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