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Looking for feedback for a new approach to VPS

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Hello everyone,


I’m Howey, I’ve been around the VPS scene for awhile. Some of you may remember me or my pet site, Sensipets. We’re coming back, with a fresh coat of paint and a new approach to pet sites. Would appreciate any and all feedback on the approach and the interest level you have for a pet site like this.


1. While we will have mini-games, we want to incorporate things like education and healthy habits as ways to earn coins/advance your pets. So say you go for a 1mile run, your pet would gain stamina. If you take a course on KhanAcademy, you'd earn 2k coins.


2. Speaking of stamina, for your pets we're looking at removing battling as it comes off weird to pamper your pets, then strap them up for war, and fight to their death. So instead looking at individual mechanics for each species with unique stats. Example: a rat pet would be able to answer requests to help clean a store. Depending on its strength + sight or dexterity would be able to clean faster and when it was done you'd receive coins.


3. To replace weapons we were thinking about the WoW weapon system. In recent expansions you get items to power up at end-game; this allows the game to throw out those weapons next expansion to reduce power creep. For us perhaps a species has a special item they equip to help with requests.


4. While battle for pets would be going away, we are playing with the idea of pet-pets being able to battle in a much more simple way (a la battle pets in WoW). More variety than species and abstracted from the pampering.


Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated :)

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Welcome back @Howey!

I really love this idea, encouraging other activities (offline) and learning is such a great thing.  It would of course be a really big challenge to implement, but I think it would be amazing overall.

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