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IcePets.com: Time to Wrap Things Up...


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Novitaria Jakrit Plush Novitaria Makoat Plush

The end of Novitaria is just beyond the horizon; after tomorrow, Novitaria-themed items will no longer be stocked in shops, and Noviteggs will also no longer be hidden around the site. But before we wrap it up for the season, we want to make sure everyone makes the most of it! Noviteggs will have a decreased rarity until they're removed from NPC shops on April 20th; in other words, they'll be stocked a lot more often, so you'll have plenty of chances to snatch them off the shelves.

Once Novitaria is officially over, it'll be time to give out some trophies! These will be awarded based on how many Noviteggs you've found. It's not too late to win yourself a shiny reward, so hunt while you still can!

Che'etWan Plush

Time to make a stop at the Plushie Palace! You certainly don't want the new Che'etWan Plush missing from your collection. This adorable and cuddly Plushie, funded by @Lokki, is a must-have for Plushie lovers all across Terrafrost. Starting next week, you can get it as a reward from the Book Quest, and Samuel will be asking for them in his Plushie Quest as well.

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