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Programmer Wanted

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Hey all!

You may or may not know me from VPL and Gamefruit, but I was the owner of Paka Sanura, which has been closed since 2014.


Development stopped in 2014 due to both my programmer and my artist vanishing. Despite a few attempts since then, I haven't been able to find anyone that will stay with the project.

Going forward, I'll be renaming/rebranding the game entirely.


Some info about the game

- Heavy emphasis on breeding

- Art heavy game

- Complex genetics

- Training and showing system

- Job system

- Wearable items for cats

- Admin panel that makes it easy to add new breeds and items


What I Need

- A programmer who can work with what another programmer (Gabby) has already started

- Someone who will remain attached to the game even after launch to fix bugs and eventually add new features

- Someone who is easy to reach via Skype or email (preferably both)

- Someone who can dedicate at least a few hours weekly to the game

- A reasonable turnaround time on work

- Someone who can log their hours and progress in a spreadsheet


Please message me here with links to references and previous work.



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LV 4

I'm interested in helping out but a bit of a newbie in terms of that I haven't done game development before.

I don't mind signing an NDA and looking at what the code is built from, then ideally you might find a better suit?

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1 hour ago, judda said:

@txtsd - Since it was Gabby who did it a while ago, I am fairly confident that it's PHP because I was chatting with them a lot back then.

Thanks for letting me know~

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LV 12

Just posting to wish you luck, and also mention that I had a similar issue with a programmer by the name of Gabby quite a few years back.

Gabby had used a Laravel script for mine, if that’s of any help. It was redone afterwards.


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