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Pocket Puma Pets: Small item update for our Kimono sets


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Hey puma peeps!

I stumbled across a minor issue this morning while dressing pumas. The Hair Bun from the Kimono sets would not show up on female lions, cheetahs, tigers, or lynxes if they also had Evolutions.


This is a compatibility problem between older art files and our new system of being able to move items that are equipped on pumas. So, I changed the layer the buns defaulted to on the pumas. This means you might have some that look a little odd now, like this cheetah.


This should be fixable on your end now by changing the layer where it is equipped on your puma to 3 or 2, whichever you think looks best, and maybe sliding the bun around a bit. But at least they show up. That's better right? :D

You can check to see if you need to fix this on your pumas by looking at your Equipped Items.

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