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What's your favourite game?

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I'm still playing neopets...years & years later. ? I attempted with Dappervolk...it was extremely intriguing at first, but they've made everything so repetitive & mundane that I'm no longer active...I'll check their homepage once a few weeks to see if there have been any exciting updates, but other than that...

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Think I used to game-hop a lot (I do like how Dappervolk called us world-hoppers, but like said above, the game got very repetitive and time-consuming for me.) between a bunch of pet sites.

Leayph remains one of my favorites in art style and I like the events in Wolvden and Lioden, but I'm pretty much settled down in Flight Rising now~ ?

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Lioden used to be my daily, but I took a large hiatus. Because of my ADHD I cannot be fully invested in a game for more than 2 months, if I am that means it really hooked me. I also play Wolvden sometimes. 
Tattered World occasionally, Dappervolk, Flight Rising, Chicken Smoothie, a LOT other games but most arent my daily. 
I'd have to say the one thats hooking me right now is Dappervolk. Weird how Dappervolk got me hooked as breeding is a large aspect of my favorite thing to do, because genetics are interesting and I like surprises! 

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