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IcePets.com: Blooms of March


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Welcome to March! We have so many valuable members of our community, and every month we like to shine a spotlight on two of them. Starting this month, there will not be any quoted testimonials attached to our amazing winners. Why? We have had many months when Users didn't know what to say in their nomination, and sometimes were hesitant to even put a nomination through if the User wasn't well known on the forums. It is our hope that this small change will allow members to nominate people they genuinely feel should be given a spotlight for the month, even if that person's kind acts and loyalty to IcePets may be in methods other than posting on our forums. We don't want members to think they don't stand a chance if they aren't comfortable making a lot of posts. Just be kind, be yourself, and your friends here will notice! Without further ado I give to you our regular news post.

Tables have been put away, signs are being taken down and the Voting Booths are closed until next month. Of course, this can only mean one thing! It's time to announce the winners of Member of the Month (MOTM for short)! This month, both of our winners fall under the Yet to Win MOTM category! Everyone say congratulations to...

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@Fluffy123 and @Maelittles

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You both will receive 100,000 IcePoints and this exclusive Hidden Avatar:

Member of the Month Avatar

Thank you both for being part of the IcePets community. We couldn't be the place we are without members like you!

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While member votes were tallying for MOTM, Staff votes tallied for SOTM, and this month's winner is...




Cherry Blossom Petal StampCherry Blossom StaffBug Feast

As we move into March, new Items can be found in the I.C.E Shop for the duration of the month! Head on over to pick up the new Cherry Blossom Petal Stamp and Cherry Blossom Staff, along with the returning Bug Feast. Each of these is priced at 500 IceCash (or 450 IceCash for Gold Members)!

Flower Bouquet StampThe Little Troot That Could

Additionally, a few of our resident shopkeepers have added some new Items to their stock! The Cherry Blossom Snowglobe can be found at the Toy Trunk while the The Little Troot That Could can be found at Ralph's Page Turners. The Cherry Blossom Snowglobe is now rewarded by the Plushie Quest and will be requested by the Space Quest in one week. The Little Troot That Could will be rewarded by the Weapon Questimmediately and requested by Book Quest in one week.


Bonsai Tree StampDaffyHoneycomb Ice CubeSpring Goodie Bag

The plants across Terrafrost are slowly becoming more green, and the Token Booth has changed its stock accordingly. You can now find Bonsai Tree Stamp, Daffy, and Honeycomb Ice Cube stocking for Tokens until the beginning of Summer. The Spring Goodie Bag has also been rotated back in, containing spring-themed Items from previous years.

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