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Pocket Puma Pets: Shops Update


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Hey puma peeps!

Sometimes our shops get a little full, and it is difficult to dig through everything for that one item you need!
One of the ways we solve that is to open up more niche shops, or by shuffling some items around.

So, I introduce to you...


[ The Golden Wushi ]

• This is a year-round Moondance themed shop! :)
• Paper Screen Doors, some vases and other old items were moved here!
• Some new items too! Enviros and other wearables, check them out in the shop!
• Note that most Moondance festival items will remain in the other shops, this one is aimed at items that remain all year long!


Yes, I know it is a little bit early for Moondance, just means more time to decorate!

[ Abstractions ]

• For the more abstract environments~
• Many of our gradients were moved here, and others that were more abstract looking.


You will also notice our shops have been rearranged a bit on the shops page. Outdoor stuff has its own section, as well as our themed shops.

I also nudged a few more items around...
• Portholes and Tropical Art Wall Hangings have been moved to Shrimpy's Pumarina and Oyster Bar
• Most of the non-scenery items in A Change of Scenery have been moved to The Garden Path.


Some new shopkeepers are popping up... :) more to come, keep your eyes peeled!
• Roommates
• A Change of Scenery
• Buy the Book
• Pumani


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