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IcePets.com: Cecie's Back!


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After taking some time for a much-needed vacation, Cecie has returned to take over her post. This powerful Dabu must have spent some time at the salon while she was gone, because she's returned with a brand new look! Now that all the hubbub from this year's Clash of Colours is over, Cecie is ready to start handing out her hourly tokens once again.

Blue TokenToken Dabu StampRed Token

Cecie Header

Alongside the Dabu herself, both the Cecie Profile Skin and the Token Dabu Stamp have received a facelift to reflect this new change. When you head on over to pick up your token, be sure to take a look at Cecie's new style -- and maybe even give her a compliment while you're at it!

Be sure to click Ctrl+F5 or Fn+F5 for a hard refresh to see any updated images.

Pencil Plush

For those who participated in this year's Amourok, we would love to hear your thoughts! We have set up two surveys to gather feedback on the event: Survey One is for General Amourok 2021 Feedback with questions pertaining to the event as a whole, while Survey Two is for Potential Amourok Changes -- ideas and discussions that the Staff team has had internally in regards to potential Amourok changes that we feel need a greater amount of feedback on. There is also an area for users to suggest their own ideas for us to consider!

Both surveys will be up until March 13th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time and users will be rewarded 15,000 IcePoints for completing each survey.

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