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IcePets.com: Awards + Amourok Store Restocking


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After a month of festivities, games, and celebration of love, Amourok has finally come to an end. Just as they had worked together in the very beginning, the Ancient and Mythical Pets are taking down the Amourok decorations and cleaning up the confetti. In addition, shopkeepers are putting all Amourok-themed Items back into storage until next February. It's been a wonderful holiday, and Xaric and Zeiss are grateful to everyone who participated!

Want to find out if your team is the winner? Head over to the Event Page to find out! There's trophies and other awards being given away, so be sure to click on the link to receive yours.

Golden Competitor Stamp

While all of Terrafrost put a fair amount of hard work into this Amourok, there's five Users who simply went above and beyond. These Users will be awarded the Golden Competitor Stamp. Congratulations to:

-1. @Nati
-2. @Fearless
-3. @Silvy
-4. @petshopgirl
-5. @MidnightHour

Nice work, everyone!

Ancient Powers Ice Cube Amourok Annual 2021 Hoarder Stamp

And that's not all! The Amourok Store has some new exclusive Items. If you racked up some points during this event, you'll surely want to put them to use. The holiday may be over, but you'll surely treasure these Items year-round!

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