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Celestial Equine (Mae, Ell, Community)


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I've been working directly with Celestial Equine (CE) for a few weeks now and thought I should share my thoughts.

So far, it's been a really fantastic experience. The pay structure is easy to understand and forward. The community has been very warm and welcoming (and understanding while I learn the backend systems haha). The owner, Mae, has been incredibly kind, forward-thinking, and genuinely seems to care about her game, community, and the people who work within it. I work most directly with the community itself and Ell. There's a heavy focus on self-care while also maintaining production.


Overall, the environment has been great, the tasks have been fun and engaging, and their systems are fairly easy to use. 

If they're hiring for more people in the future, I would 100% recommend fellow artists and friends to CE. 

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As an update, I've been here about a month and still have nothing but positive things to say about the owner, staff, and site. They're always working toward positive change for the staff and community (which is fantastic on all ends). Payments are always timely. Work is enjoyable. Community is warm, friendly, and growing! (If you're not playing CE yet... why aren't you?) 

The only other thing I could ask for are the yacht parties.

Would 10/10 recommend this to a friend, which is saying a lot because I would only recommend jobs to friends if they were genuinely good places to work.

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