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Atrocity: some updates! 2-16-2021


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Hey All! apologies for the lack of updates! However if you frequent our discord server- you already know most if not all of this- ! So heres the discord updates compiled together!

Book world updates

All book worlds will now have their own currency that you collect in it and use in it exclusively. For the one we have right now (Cameron and marias) we have the leaf leafcurrency.png
This will be the norm for book worlds/realms.

I have also changed the shops to reflect this. Not only this but if you collect the right item the shop keeps might ask you for it!


You can also run into some enemies now while exploring certain areas of this book world..
They have their own drops that you can get too-

Atrocity War TCG

We are working on a trading card game for the site- where you can play and collect different atrocity based cards- with Ultra rare ones being things about the characters and lore of the site itself. You will see on your profile an area that says "Challenge me! (coming soon!)" This is where that link will go. It will basically be a one player game where you choose what cards to put in play and which ones to sacrifice if you lose.

(Copied from he discord)

"its not gonna be super like...intensive? the basic idea we have for it is that there are Common, uncommon, rare, and Ultra rare cards.. the rarity tells you how many stats that card has..  (common=1-5, uncommon 5-10, rare 10-15, Ultra rare 15-20) The higher stat wins- but then theres also the elements too- Void, sky, life and arcane. Some elements are weak to other elements.. SO If you have a voic card against a sky card.. and both have 5 for stats.. the sky card wins-

There are also going to be booster cards- and whatnot- but you basically collect the cards- choose the ones to use in play- and if you win you get the cards and some Pieces to either a rare or Ultra rare card-"

All necessary images are done, we're just waiting for the code to be finished.


We are also working on boss battles- where all the users contribute to taking it down by attacking with their fave pet once a day- the age of the pet will determine how hard they attack. once we get the base idea for it working then we caneasily edit it to have like say... holiday specific bosses that drop holiday specific items? but for now Im working on getting this working.



We have a new artist on board- everyone welcome PixelDream, she has made some new addons for your pets!

These are available for both hounda and Catari.

Feather ear, feather tail
Mermaid tail

I (Ittermat) also decided to make some feathered fur to go with these and the griffin beak to make your cataris into birds

Then pixeldream made some beta add ons for the feesh

Shes working on more stuff and im still working on stuff too <3


**Yes we know about the profile tabs issue... trying to figure out whats going on there.

**You can now get a free daily item from Madeline on the front page- dailyitemwordsarcadebanner1.png

*** I have removed the arcade area from the forum due to flash no longer existing and to avoid possible issues with users computers.

So as you can see we are still working behind the scenes!

~Till next time my lovelies!

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