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Internal server error


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I get the internal server error on my site's register page when my .htacess file doesn't have RewriteBase /

But if it does have it, then my register page doesn't load at all, and loads back to the home page no matter what link I click on the site!

Here is my .htaccess file: link


I was talking to someone who said to change the .htaccess file to: https://pastebin.com/XhXguise


Which I did, but it didn't fix the issue

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4 hours ago, judda said:

That change looks like it is forcing the redirect of all routes which doesn't seem right.

The 500 error is caused by an issue in the code not a redirect issue from what I was looking at on Saturday. This will require more digging.

I was talking to someone else who said my site also has a 'failing to open stream' error

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Like what @judda said, a 500 error indicates a code issue, and changing the htaccess probably isn't going to get that fixed. Can you access the logs on the server? nginx logs for example would dump a more explicit error than 500 which could help. 

failing to open stream sounds like a fopen or file issue, which doesn't make sense on a registration page unless maybe there are files on your server with incorrect permissions. 

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