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Wajas: FriendFest, Intro


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FriendFest February 13th - February 26th Chatting Thread Question Thread Partner Thread NPC's to NPC Thread Partner Story, Design, Dressup Letterbox Contest User to User Minigame Where in the world is Herman Users to NPC's Mingame "Laurel, peach, where do we want these?"   Spotted paws held up the pears.  They'd been fancily decorated, lovely vines weaved between them, intertwining them, and nestled amongst the vines and pears, sat several vibrant red roses. Like a blue streak, Laurel was darting to and fro, conducting business, instructing their helpers where things were to go, and ensuring the festival ran like a well oiled machine.   "Over on that table."   She waved a paw in the direction of the biggest table in the clearing, and moved to instruct something else.  She'd made it all of three steps away when she spun, eyes narrowing on the Waja who was mosing off to put the centerp

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