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Wajas: FoF Credits, Winners, and conclusion


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FoF Credits Santa Apollo Items: Christmas Cracker Set - Splinter Halftone Set - Splinter Comic Book Midground - Splinter Icey Pond Wallpaper - Estuko Smart Spectacles Set - Kingfauna Holly Bringer Set - Estuko Candy Cane Forest Set - Estuko Blazing Sets - Splinter Deep Water Serpent - Estuko Dye Ribbon - Sparra Straw Goat - Panic FoF Contests: Gabby Plushies - Sparra Doodles Set - Splinter Coding - Sadi Judging - Wajas Staff Thank You Note: Thank you to all of the users and staff for making this years Festival of Frost a huge success. Y'all did amazing with your entries for the contests! I hope you had fun! FoF User Contest Winners ❣ Writing ❣ Click First Place (Gold IS Token) Puzzlez, @216724 Second Place (Silver IS Token) Taylord, @364363 Third Place (15 CWP) Lantern, 224904 Fourth Place (10 CWP) UltimaWolf, 361715 Fifth Place

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