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Solitary Sprite

While everyone has been busy smashing Pinatas and ringing in the new year, it looks like some new faces have been spotted around Terrafrost! Over in the heart of Glacia, some locals have taken notice of a mysterious snow mound that has popped up next to the United Terrafrost Post Office. After some investigation, it turns out this is the home of a Solitary Sprite, who has decided they wanted to help spread the Aurestal cheer all year round! Their little bunker is filled to the brim with Items of all kinds and everyone who visits may receive one free Item each day!

The true depths of their hideout is unknown, but it seems that the Solitary Sprite has so many Items that it likes to give out certain types of Items for a period of time before switching over to another. Not to worry, however -- the Solitary Sprite will not be withholding Items that cannot be obtained elsewhere, so nobody will have to miss out on any special prizes.

Wary Wyvern

Meanwhile, Jacobi has been noticing an unfamiliar creature roaming near his Companion Reserve in Halipar Jungles. Using his expert tracking skills, Jacobi discovered that a Wary Wyvern has made their home in the underbrush near his reserve! The Wary Wyvern seems to have amassed quite a collection of IcePoints, which they guard cautiously against any who approach. Despite their leery nature, it seems the Companion may be willing to part with a bit of their treasure if they deem you trustworthy! Perhaps it is worth paying them a visit to see how you fare.

Solitude AvatarWary Wyvern Avatar

In addition, these new friends have come with two new Hidden Avatars as well! The Solitude and Wary Wyvern Avatars eagerly await your collection, should you figure out how to obtain them!

The Solitary Sprite and Wary Wyvern have been introduced to replace the now-defunct Items Spinner and IcePoints Spinner, respectively. The Items Spinner and IcePoints Spinner have now been removed from the Games page and will no longer be accessible.

Brown Makoat Pinata 2021Fairy Krittle Pinata 2021Phantasmoire Dovu Pinata 2021

Finally, starting today, a new round of Pinata Mania will be starting every fifteen minutes rather than the usual thirty. Be sure to join in on the fun while you still can, as all of the New Years festivities ends on January 22nd, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

Partially Drawn Paint Brush

As a final reminder, any entries for the Colouring Contest should be sent in to mochihugs by January 14th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time if you wish to participate!

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