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PAID: Mob's General Open Art Thread (Open!)

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Howdy. Again! 

How about it, Freelancers? Want to PM me a category below and some quotes? 

I pay with Paypal and will pay when I see your sketches. Then finish and send me the PSDs. 

Current Status: Open

Last Updated: July 5th 2019 

Got the financial situation back home back under control, so now I can get back to this.

I'm going to just update this thread every-so-often with my needs instead of creating multiple threads. 

Categories I'm Looking For: I made a Google Doc for Tracking Purposes

If it's in Red I'm looking for it now. If it's Green I already have it. 

  • Toys - 24 (have a list to work from)
  • Gifts - 24 (have a list to work from)
  • Books - 24
  • Physical Games - 12
  • Video Games - 12
  • Electronics - 24 (have a list to work from)
  • Summer Seasonal (like going to a beach or on a picnic) - 24
  • Rainbow Themed Items - 12 (have examples)
  • Melon Themed Items - 12 (have examples)
  • Pumpkin and Harvest Themed Items - 12
  • Burger Shop Food - 12 (have a list to work from)
  • Tex-Mex Food - 12 (have a list to work from) 
  • Hot Chocolates - 8
  • Scratchcard Art - 6
  • Lottery Art - Keeper and a Ticket 
  • Treasure Map Art - Four Illustrations. Will Describe in the PM. 
  • Shopkeepers (If I like your style, I'll let you do them all) - 23
  • Signage (If I like your style, I'll let you do them all) - 24 

I'm also looking for a Character Artist who can emulate a retro-looking style (have samples of that, too). If I like your style, I'll pay for you to do all of the shopkeepers. 

Shoot me a PM. Let's make a deal. 

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Opening Shop

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Opening Up Shop again. Times no-so-tough now! 

Hit me up in PM if you're looking for some semi-fast cash this holiday weekend. 

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