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(SOLD) Every Dog You'll Ever Need

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Sold! If you are interested in a custom commission, PM me!


Soooo a while back...maybe 1 or 2 years ago someone inquired about a dog maker base. Long story short, the commission turned out to be a dead end but I did some quick mach ups and was wondering if this was think anyone else would be interested in. Essentially it's a dog base (layered and such) where parts are interchangeable to create different breeds/sized dogs, or mixes that reference real life. (Mind you, the art is rough as it was a quick mach up). Here's a little preview of a few things it makes:


I know dog sim/games aren't being created as widely anymore but it was a cool idea, and I figured I'd ask before I trash this with the rest of my old files. For a completed creator I'd probably be looking for a few hundred bucks but serious inquiries/offers can be entertained.

PSD would include:


  • 13 ear types (includes both long/short ear dogs, also includes cropped ears)
  • 7 eye types (includes bug eyes, triangle, almond, sunken (for wrinkled/hound breeds)
  • 12 muzzle types (ranging from long to short snouts, hanging hound jowls, short faced breeds, roman nosed breeds such as borzoi and long faced sight hounds)


  • Ideal (lean)
  • Thick (for larger breeds like rottie or husky)
  • Thin (for racing dogs or adolescents, if you choose to build them that way)
  • Legs and paws on separate layers so they can be toggled on/off to create dogs with missing limbs (if that's a thing you're into
  • 11 tail types (everything from docked & cork to brush and whip

All variants include short, medium, and long haired visuals so you can create pretty much any breed/crossbreed including wolf and coydog hybrids. 

The base doesn't include colors or markings, only the breed visuals. It's just drag and drop different parts together to create whatever kind of dog you want


Dog tax:


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I think it's really cool! I hope you find a buyer.

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LV 5

Hey dracula,

would you be willing to "finish" it or is it "buy as WIP"?
If you'd be willing to start working on it again I'd like to discuss it further. :) 



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@Feuerqueen I'm looking to sell it in a completed state rather than as-is. Just wanted to check interest here because I wasn't sure if dog bases were still useful. But if it's something you're interested in, I'm happy to discuss with you!


Thanks Lauren 😄 (Don't wanna ping you again since we're already in a private chat but if you see this, I appreciate the well wishes!)

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