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Would you trade art for code?


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As the title says, is accepting custom art (for games, personal characters, etc.) something those who do backend/frontend coding do? What about accepting code bits for art commission? Say, an artist needs a secure login or creature generator but doesn't know where to start and a coder needs a new pet design or a town map and can't afford it, is that a reasonable trade?


I pretty much expect the answer to be no but i figured it would be worth discussing since a search didn't bring up this question.


Any way  if you are a programmer or artist tell me why you would or wouldn't want to trade code for art if the cost of both is equal - 1:1 on commission price.

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I don't and haven't seen a lot of trading going on. 

I started out as an artist and learned PHP/MySQL, JS, AJAX, etc. because I couldn't afford to commission someone for it or the commissions fell through. 

From my experience, coders are harder to commission. You have to worry about security and how their work will affect you in the longrun. Buying some art here and there is a lot easier, though, and usually less investment. 


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That is what I figured. I know back when I was first looking into PBBG development there were some people offering a trade of art for code but that was over a decade ago and things have definitely changed. Though, I don't think that anyone actually took up those offers if I remember right.

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I think I can remember one programmer that did this a while ago.  Unfortunately recently they have be found out to be a bit of a fraud, overselling and under-delivering.

I like the idea of it a bit, but would never do this sort of trade myself just because it feels like it undercuts both parties.

As @Hare mentioned, some will take it on and then fall through, so overall not worth it for you IMO.

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