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11-6-2020, new updates- new paintbrush!


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You can now also see our Updates here!


Hello! its been a while- hope all are well! I've been working like a busy bee!

Lets start off with some bug fixes and stuff!

Thanks to Hall of Famer the Avatar bug and setting fave pet bug in the profile settings are now fixed!

Thanks to Kristhasirah the issue with being unable to see all of your pets and tabs in your profile is now fixed!

Fixed the bug of painted pets not appearing when liking/clicking!

--Added the newest member and user with the most clicks on the index page.

--Fixed the likes/clicks not appearing under the top pets

--Fixed Cronjobs

--Added The message in a bottle system! It works now! If you find a message in a bottle in the ocean at the beach you can now go to the boat at the dock and hand it over to Ida to open!


The diarys are live now! And Everyone now has a link to theirs on their profile! (Later I wanna make it an image that changes depending on your alignment but for now you get a link.)

WE also spent a very long time making it work and adding things it records- as well as making it look nice! You can see mine here (with all of my expermental entries XD)

mind you new tabs/stuff its recording and whatnot will continue to be added! but for now this works fine!


We've made a very special new paintbrush! called the CANVAS Brush canvasbrush1.png
It can be found in premium pets.

What does it do? It changes your pet into a canvas pet! Which means that it will CHANGE sometimes to be colored with famous paintings!


If you wanna see one of mine you can go here-

Best part is I can keep adding different images for them to be painted with!
If you have a painting you want to see on a pet- please go to this forum topic and post the painting you'd like!

I think thats everything for now!!

~Till next time!


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