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Grifflies (Second Flight)

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Grifflies is a dynamic adoptable and breedable griffin forum game, sporting over 10 different species of griffins, 50+ markings, 10+ mutations, and over 100 unique items to collect! With the new Second Flight update, the grifflies thread has received a drastic makeover and drastic gameplay update. This thread here will be updating as the grifflies thread does.


From humble beginnings on Furvilla, Grifflies has grown a wonderful and tight-knit community. We are currently in the development stages of the grifflies website, and hope to eventually move away from Furvilla entirely. In the meantime, while our programmer constructs the website, a team of mods and I offer a breeding and collection game that focuses on interaction and character development that we manually manage. It is currently only playable on FV and our forum. At present, the update is still very much underway, but you can still become a member of the discord, sign-up for the forum and read how to play.


If you become a patron, you can unlock goods to be obtained every month! Along with the ability to test and see features before they release, participate in exclusive design raffles, and have the opportunity to join the site when it finally goes live before anyone else. 

Please feel free to message me here or on Discord (Tanya#9358) for more information!

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