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Just making an introduction topic. I am a casual player of virtual pet sites and I've enjoyed lurking this forum a bit. It's through this site that I discovered Eliyo, probably my favorite petsite currently. I've also discovered a few other pet sites I think I might want to check out. I also play Neopets and a tiny bit of Ovipets and Chicken Smoothie. On the non-browser-based side of things, I play Petz sometimes and have since I was very very young. I'm thinking of pursuing my petsites hobby a little more since it's a pretty fun hobby and also gives me creative inspiration. The concept of making my own petsite has even been rattling around my head. Probably very far off if I do decide to do it, but I can't keep the idea out of my head, so it might happen someday :)

My interests include drawing, writing, coding (mostly CSS), Sonic, Superman, 80s and 90s music, and more. Most importantly, I am a Christian.

Looking forward to discussing pet games and keeping up with news involving them.

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