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New Game Concept - Seeking feedback and validation


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I've wanted to come back to build a pet site as a passion project for some time, but I finally feel like I have something that not only can bring back a little nostalgia, but also contend with other modern games and have potential to grow into something fairly big. I wanted to explain the concept and see if anyone has thoughts, or if there's interest in the game. If so, I'd happily setup an early access page to start gathering future users to test with.

Concept: Collect, buy & trade pet cards via decks to brawl with in the arena in casual, or competitive ladder. When you're ready, you can join a guild and compete in larger scale competitions for rewards. The concept is sort of a blend between neonmob.com and Clash Royale.



Earn packs to open by winning matches, playing daily, and selling other pet cards to earn points to buy more packs. Pets will have classes (Damage, Healer, Tank, Support) and come in different rarities like holographics. So you can show off your rare pets in your profile, or right in the arena.


Trading & Selling

You can trade your cards to get the rare that you're looking for as a collector, or as an arena fighter. You can also put an in-game price on them and sell directly to get points towards buying packs to try your luck there.



Matches will be 1v1 on a real-time arena where players have teams of 3 pets. Form the perfectly balanced team composition for success and switch between your pets strategically (on a cooldown) to help support your inactive pets, or fend off your opponents attacks. Each pet has 2 abilities on a cooldown and an ultimate that charges up throughout the match. In ladder matches, you'll earn season rating points and progress into new tiers. Each tier has a unique map/arena to play on. You earn rewards at the end of every season.


This extends the Arena into more of a community environment. Chat with guild mates, practice amongst each other, and battle in Guild ladder matches to become the top rated Guild.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 1.45.38 AM.png

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