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Looking for Programmer to Complete Trade System


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Looking for a programmer knowledgeable in PHP and comfortable doing some modifications to the Mysidia Framework to finish up a trade system I've nearly completed. All I need now is to add a feature when accepting a trade to switch all trades including that pet to closed.

Trades in the MySQL database store the pet IDs involved in an array in the database. What needs to happen is that when a trade is accepted, all trades in the database with the included pet ID(s) need to be switched from "pending" for status to "closed." This is a heavily modified version of the framework, and the code in question is in one function, in one file, connected with one MySQL table. What needs to happen:
When accepting a trade:
-Get Pet IDs for both sides (done)
-Find where/if involved Pet IDs are found in other trades
-Switch trade status to Closed wherever the involved Pet IDs are found


I will absolutely pay any programmer able to do this fairly. Please post here or message me here if you're interested in the job. It should be fairly quick and straightforward.

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