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New stuff end of june/july


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Hello! its me again! We're still working on things I promise!

**We reset everyones pets due to all the errors I caused- these should no longer appear

**fixed a few of the avatar items

***Added a Daily free currency page

***There are now Seasons added to the side bar!

**Cron jobs should be fixed and reset properly

STILL WORKING ON/ADDING (NOTE: alot of these are on the to do list...When/whether they get done right now is unknown-)

**Adding a monthly riddle page with prizes

**Working to finish the forums

**Pet sicknesses/ailments and the medicine

**Fixing the Arcade layout to work again..its got messed up

**Fixing the Tooltips and where they appear as well as fixing the lightboxes on maps

**Fixing the ability to buy from hidden shops

**Fixing/adding the diary system

**Progress bars for thirst mood/hunger etc

**Showing where a user is on the site in the online list

**Ability to breed with other users pets

And soooo much other stuff! (I have a long list of things to do!)


**Battling system /everything that goes with it

**The fixed recolorable avatar bases

I'll keep ya'll posted! thank you for your patience!

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