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Beginning of June updates


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Heres what we've added so far!

+We switched around the menus- Side menu (with accordion) is at the top now- to minimize scrolling

+Fixed the pet alignment issue so theres no longer a line on the side of created pets

+Fixed the pet images (some were misaligned)

+Other bug fixes

+A new pet species- A plant

+Added the create a pet lab

+Made a new welcome/see you later page for the Login/logout

+Added the avatar system with Both precolored and Colorable avatars and clothes (Over 250 new items and new stores for them too!)
avatar image (<--heres my avatar currently!)

+ Redid the staff page

+Added more shirts/clothes

+Working to make the new shop NPCS and things, as well as reorganizing and shop restock.

+Added notifications to the top bar (instead of the side bar) (6-11-2020)

+Added a Hair store and new hairstyles for your avatar (6-12-2020)

+Fixed the discord widget on the site (6-12-2020)

+Worked on the forums a bit (6-12-2020)


+The forums being finished

+The battling system with elements/minipets/magic etc

+The farm, garden orchard

+Fixing the trading system

+Better Alchemy

+Changing the aesthetics on a lot of features..

+And wayyyyy more than I can list here!!

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