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Hello everyone!

It's about time I posted my art gallery here to show case some stuff I've been working on and things I'm still working on. I have one on every site now ❤️ I do plan to open commissions here in the other thread soon since my June slots have opened.

I'll start with the newest commission work I have then add to it as it goes on, some are older but only by 3 years. ^ - ^


Some Personal and Commissioned Artwork over the last 3 years.



Older WIP painting



Personal Adoptable work


Species made by: Me and my Fiancèe, Emelie. (These will be up for sale soon on another site once they are closer to being done. Let me know if your interested in them)

The "Blessed" stage.


^ Is a WIP, still need to render the male's joints and the "Cursed" side. Will come with baby stage, 3 hair and tail styles and 3 items.

WHOLE reworked adoptable, original art was by Willow on PI but I redid it due to it not aging well when I bought it. Added new ears and tail mutations. (Will also be sold on another site, let me know if your interested!)

Bigger mane flat color.png

^ wip Longer mane.



Cosplays I completed for an adoptable offsite that I'm an artist for. Note: I did not do the main art (The creatures) for these, just the extras.



Mutations and items for the same adoptable.



Full on finished adoptable with mutations for someone offsite.



Thank you for looking ❤️  ; v ;

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One of many attempts for my adoptable/future site Logo. Custom font inspired by the font my fiancée made for me, I tried a few shading and highlighting styles.

I think I'll try 2 more designs later on but this is my fav one currently. It's not quite there yet but it's getting closer.



Some quick flat color bust sketches for some peeps of mine. ^ - ^ 


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