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Creating creature generator question

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I've been thinking about this for a while now and can't pin point the best way to go. I wanted to ask if I'm heading in a good area or if I'm going the complete opposite direction or if there's another option I completely over looked.

I needed a break from learning coding so I started working on a design/layout for my creature generator that I will be using for my future site. My first plan was to design it in PS or Adobe X D then program/code it into Unity. But that is where my question of "Does it work like this or is there another program to code it all in to post on the site? does the code from unity get transferred to the site or did I misunderstand the tutorial?"


This generator was inspired by another site I've been apart of for many many years now.


The generator in question will be setup for the players to pick/choose the genes, breed, gender and color of their creatures parents or the creatures starting two genes (this one is most likely what I'll be going with). There will be a roll/percent chance to get the color they wanted or a different shade of that color based on the parents. Let's call them starters as they do not have parents in their history once made. The starters can either have no genes at all, carry two but not show it or show one gene only.

For each creature created a fee of in game currency will be charged to the player.


I'm still in the designing area but if I'm designing it in the wrong program I would like to stop where I'm at and finish it or restart it in the correct program.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ❤️

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7 minutes ago, Mephistopheles said:

Is there any particular reason you chose Unity for this?

You can embed Unity into a webpage, so your creature generator should still run, but there are alternatives like standard programming languages (PHP, Node, Ruby, etc.) which can do the same thing.

I was learning game design in Unity before I began the project and I just kind of stayed with Unity while doing so.

I'm very new to coding and these programs, if another program is better for it I would much rather switch over and start learning it instead. I'm trying to teach myself how to program the things I design since I don't have formal education in this area. I haven't fully grasped PHP or Ruby yet, I'm getting more comfortable with Visual Studio Code but that's about it. I'm a very visual learner and tend to have a hard time focusing if I'm not able to grasp the program.

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