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Fazz did a great job


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Hello, i have been working with Fazz on DB migration and tuning.

He is a very good professional, who will deliver results.

He is patient, and he is proficient in many skills. Also on coding he proved more than sufficient.

I would recommend him for hire if you need fast results.


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@superbearwars To clear your doubt i would like to answer it , they are not active on this community , i told them to post this review because i have completed the work for them ! it was Database migration for a community website which upgraded to another CMS.

To enhance the credibility of this review i would like to show you some proof.




So Stop doubting someone skills and ability , I Wonder how could people just blindly trust someone accusation.

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1. those messages are from today... why would you have that if it wasnt needed till now? the reviewer said you already did the work? this doesnt add up.

2. no username on freelancer, nice to conveniently cut that info off? Though those are on there. I give you that. and its possible you did a good job- but they also didnt fire you. https://www.freelancer.com/u/naresh144

3. you still havent said what site 'was' being worked on.

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