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Hewan is a virtual adoptables game community, Established in June of 2018, You can adopt a variety of different species including humanoids/humans (mythological type) / anthros / furries! ( More info about this can be seen on Adoptable Species )
Cheyne aka Oakhearted, ever since he discovered Chicken Smoothie in 2017, as the years came by, his fascination with pet sites grew larger by the day, He would then end up joining several other known websites relating to CS such as Flight Rising, Wajas, Xanje, Ovipets, Mweor and much more.
He really wanted to make a site that would stand out amongst the others and be unique in it's own way, Hence the whole 'pink' theme Hewan has. He luckily managed to find a diverse name that isn't too plain or basic.
The word hewan is actually Indonesian for 'animal'.
Hewan started out as a Forumotion community with little to no signs of adoptables anywhere to be seen, Then transitioned later on in 2018 to a Jcink community, On this one, There was some adoptables, First ones known to Hewan were by a lovely individual named BTD, Who isn't on Chicken Smoothie but on Wajas instead.

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Changes here and there :P
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What we currently have working on Hewan
PHPBB Forum:
- Adoptions (where you get all your adopts at)
- Hut (where your adoptables that you adopt are stored)
- Very customisable and unique types of BBCode that are very HTML/CSS like!
Front Page / Main Page:
- Register Page
- Login Page & Logout Function
- Profile Page ( Only somewhat functional / Link redirect working, everything else not really )
- Adoptions Page ( Outdated and adopts display, but still an error on getting the adopt )
- Inventory ( Page link works, however it only displays a white blank page. )
- Hut ( Page link works, however it only displays a white blank page. )
- Search ( This is somewhat functional but no proper searches can be done yet. )
- About, Terms & Conditions, Site Credits

Please join our discord server for updates on Hewan, Since this thread wont be as frequently checked.
Hewan now isn't on a sub-domain ( at the time been ^^ ) It's now .org and not .altervista.org

Future Plans:
This is a list containing all the things we have yet to add/fix.
Front Page:
1. Finish up pages for Inventory, Hut, Settings, Forums ( Main not PHPBB )
2. Fix up pages for Profile, Adopt, Search
"Forgot Password?" option
"Editable Biography" option for adopts, like what Flight Rising has.
"Rename Adoptable (Hewan)" option for those who accidentally named their adoptable something they didn't want or provided no name.
"Name Randomizer/Generator" for those who don't want to leave the naming field blank but also have no idea for a name.
"Subscribe to Hewan for further announcements!" page ( possibly or widget ) for those who aren't allowed to have Discord and/or don't have or use it.
"Hewan Mini-Games / Games" To earn in-game currencies from completing fun activities, Our currency is HP ( Hewan Points ) and TT ( Trinket Tokens ).

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Click here for past adoptables! ( coming soon )




Celestial /Supernatural Beings

Human (Mythological)




If you want to know more about each of these creature species types, Search it on Google and look around Wikipedia or something relating to that, There's way too much for me to even list here.


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To become a sponsor, please PM me on discord, I am oakhearted#8284.
You are also free to discuss about it in our server.




BayoDino wrote:
Zpet is a game where you play with virtual animals and creatures,
Inspirations of Zpet are old game Series called Petz in 1996-2002



Click here for the CS post made about their site!


《Echofall》 wrote:
Short Description

Home of Sweetness was founded in late 2019 by Echofall and his friends, it was going to be named Pheasant Tea but Echo decided to name it KiwiKitties. In early 2020, the first discord and forums were made and a group of Echo's friends joined him to become staff and they planned the site which the site was going to be based off of fruity pets, however the progress didn't seem to be happening and everyone became inactive so Echo had to shut his project down. In late 2020, Echo wanted to try again but he had to change the name to "Home of Sweetness" due to copyrights and he changed the site base to a sciencey base and owns it with his greatest friend (insert username here). Within today, the site will go on for a long time and it will never ever be given up until it's needed.

~ Home of Sweetness ~

(More stuff will be added when we can find a better fit name)



Click here for the CS post made about their site!


ShadowWolfess wrote:
Galagar Valley Lore
It was 20,000 years ago when the lords of another planet had turned against each other. A war broke out between the Kingdoms of Galagar. The four sons of the the Lords had decided it was best to find a new home for the inhabitants and they found a new planet called Planet 2.21, as they came to the planet 2.21, they have found many strange creatures and plants, the five Prince's; Favo Prince of Fire, Seki Prince of Water, Numito Prince of Darkness, Solarius Prince of Air, and Slash Prince of Electric.
Each Prince selected their Kingdom's territory, they were fine for about 5,000 years, but destruction struck again. And the Kingdom's fell into ruins once more....



Click here for the CS post made about their site!


SalyaDarken wrote:
About us:
Tainted Onez is a fantasy sandbox role-play forum that allows its members to role-play anything that wish. Members can do more then just role-play, they can chat, show off skills in Artwork, Graphic designs, writing and coding. There are no limits on Words nor Characters. Members earn forum gold and collectables by being active.


Click here for the CS post made about their site!


Miette wrote:

Catlia is an adoptable site centered around a monarchy of magical cats on the moon, and will be released in late 2021. Please feel free to follow our dev either here or on Discord: https://discord.gg/7pQ2YZ5


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To register on Hewan, please refer to this image below to answer the question!


You can find your answer within here!


Click here for more image previews! (imgur album)

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10 hours ago, LuciBeingLuci said:

I tried to join your website, those alicorns up for adoptions are really pretty! 

However, the E-mails that your site was to send me aren't there, not even in the spam folder! What's happening???

I am checking into the error

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On 6/10/2019 at 3:09 PM, StoryMaker said:

Did you fix the email issue yet?

yes i just gotta activate people once they register

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