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Making in game currency

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I'm generally not a fan of mini-games in pet games, especially the common ones that all browser games tend to include. My suggestion, if you want to incorporate mini-games as one source of extra income, is to involve the player's pets—for instance, tie the player's success to the stats of the pet they choose to play the mini-game as. Or pit multiple players' pets against each other in a more competitive mini-game.

From my perspective, the gameplay I sign up for is interacting with the pets themselves. A lot of those mini-games you typically find in pet games already exist as standalone, polished versions with lots more features, since that's their focus, and I don't think there's much reason to include a simpler version in pet games.

I know that some players are attached more to the community that develops around a game, so even awarding currency for community-wide event participation can be a good draw.

Just my personal preference! :)

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Accomplishing achievements is a fun way to get some in-game currency.

Pet battling and completing quests are fun way too. It will get grindy though, so perhaps for those that also like a storyline and not a stagnant gameplay would be nice. Even if it's a linear story/lore.

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One way to generate in game income for me is when ever players create blogs and colorschemes for my website. In addition to that the user can also create OCs, creatures, items, and music to gain points. Also my book section is a way to gain points through the use of chapters. Its kind of there to make up for the deficit of not having any flash games on my website. Its probably not the norm for most. Eventually my website will allow users to upload artwork and videos for points too. Some things are only a small 400 points per content.

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