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How much research vs. prior knowledge went into your game?

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For games centered around existing animal breeds or cultural myths, how much did you already know about your subject? Did your background help (e.g. did you grow up with that breed, were you already passionate about that subject, is your current or past career relevant)?

On the flip side, how much additional research into the animal or myth was necessary to achieve the vision of your game?

I appreciate any input from those who've developed or purchased such games!

What prompted this question
I've been fond of horse games as a genre for 10 years but can claim minimal experience and knowledge. Yet I'm still passionate about contributing to the genre. It's safe to say that animal-breeding games sparked my interests in art and programming, so my long-term goal is to similarly inspire those who enjoy horse/animal-breeding games specifically. At the moment, I'm delving into research on horse coat color genetics (and genetics in general) as well as other inheritable traits. Additionally, I'm hoping to later gain an understanding to some extent of the showing/breeding industry. (Might also look for outside help in the form of a consultant, additional partner, etc., but I naturally don't want to remain ignorant to the core parts of the game!)

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