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Best place to learn PHP 7

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4 minutes ago, judda said:

@DarthJawns it's not too bad - not the easiest if you are learning altogether.  But Laracasts also has non-Laravel tutorials too.

I think that the learning curve is less steep now, but I've also been using it for a while, so my opinion is a little jaded.

I'm kinda hoping a lot of stuff will be more of a refresher to me since I used to be pretty familiar with php 5 but lost interest for awhile so I haven't really coded anything in years. 

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Plural Sight offers some great introductory courses along with a 10-day free trial. After going through the basics of PHP you also get to then learn more about how PHP can interact with the world around it, such as server ini configuration, external APIs, 'web scraping' and more.

It doesnt cover frameworks or how to utilise these.. These tutorials are good for someone looking to take a step towards learning it without "external dependancies" (Remember when there was a wave of developers that knew AngularJS / jQuery but didnt understand the basics of javascript? Yeah, you want to avoid becoming like that)

The tutorials are more focused on 'vanilla php', and getting you to understand simple-to-advanced concepts such as built-in functions etc, and spitting out HTML etc.




Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them in any way.

Edit: This is not specifically for PHP7 concepts, but PHP in general. I re-read this thread and realised the topic title. My apologies.

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