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Hello everyone! 

I'm currently looking for more work to take on as I have no hours at my seasonal job during the winter! I've worked on contract for various pet sites in the past on pets, human avatars, clothing, items, NPCs, and backgrounds. Right now I'd like to specifically look for icon/emote work (like the first examples), however I am open to anything you might be needing to have done. I've got my full portfolio on my website, and other art/doodles on twitter.

Portfolio Site ♥ Twitter

I can be flexible with styles, and have attached a few examples of past work. Items are priced at $3-5 per depending on what your needs are, and other types of art are negotiable! I accept paypal with USD, and typically send out the files as PNG or PSD depending on your needs. Recolors are negotiable, I usually include 3-5 for free though it depends on how many recolors you would need and how work intensive they are. (Ex; simple color swaps VS multi-color fur patterns.) 

Please feel free to contact me here or use my email, teatimejess@gmail.com.

Thank you!








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Looks pretty good. 

Some questions to help you get bites: 

- When you say icons you mean the first set of imagery/item-like images? 

- What file format would you be sending your images in? PSDs? 

- What method of payment do you accept? Paypal or something else? 

- How would you handle recolors? 

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@TeaTimeJess I’m looking to get a set of 25 item assets for the pet site I’ve started developing and interested in commissioning you. I’d need the images in their psd format and like you to fill out a quick contract through a google form so that it’s clear what the art is for  though. If that's all good with you then let me know and I can shoot you a pm with the list of items and we can work out the overall pricing. :)  Oh and PayPal work for you right?



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Hello! I'll be dropping some hours at my job since it's been wearing me out, so I'll be opening again for pet-site work! 

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